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Find out the benefits of Wheelco’s 2020 Fall/Winter Semi-Annual Buyer’s Guide, offering premium brands at affordable cost so you don’t break the bank.

The Semi-Annual Buyer’s Guide brought to you by Wheelco Truck & Trailer is not just another ordinary catalog to browse. This stand-out catalog puts all the heavy duty solutions that you need in the palm of your hands. With over 1,800 popular heavy duty parts, you will want Wheelco’s Buyer’s Guide nearby for quick & easy reference.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Wheelco’s 2020 Fall/Winter Semi-Annual Buyer’s Guide.

  1. Wheelco’s 2020 Fall/Winter Semi-Annual Buyer’s Guide
  2. Money Saving Premium Brands
  3. Wheelco’s Emergency Roadside Assistance
  4. About Wheelco Truck & Trailer

Wheelco’s 2020 Fall/Winter Semi-Annual Buyer’s Guide

Wheelco’s Buyer’s Guide is a valuable tool offering more than 1,800 popular heavy duty parts with descriptions, full color images, features & benefits, and infographics about the parts.  These products are the quality brands you know and trust for all makes and models, from the top suppliers in the industry.

The Buyer’s Guide is packed full of new innovations in the heavy duty industries that will have you prepared for the road ahead, all season long. This Fall/Winter edition features equipment for the upcoming fall and winter seasons ranging from electrical power to lighting and brakes to trucker must-haves.  Find your heavy duty solutions from some of these categories.

  • Fluid Power Must Haves
  • Air & Electrical Headquarters
  • Engines & Components
  • Premium Suspension
  • Drivetrain Essentials
  • Charged Up Products 
  • HVAC Necessities 
  • Truck Accessories

You can find descriptions, features & benefits, images, and infographics around every corner of the Buyer’s Guide. But this tool doesn’t only offer nearly 60 years of heavy duty expertise. It also offers premium brands at affordable prices and over-the-road emergency services.

Wheelco’s Private Label Brands


The Buyer’s Guide features brands such as ProRig, a quality brand engineered for performance and designed for heavy duty applications. ProRig’s drivetrain collection of transmissions and differentials stands tall against the competition. As with all aftermarket parts that Wheelco carries, ProRig products must meet today’s strict industry standards by undergoing a full quality control test.

ProRig parts are backed with a highly competitive warranty program.  Multiple coverage options allow you to choose the best protection plan for your needs or you can bundle them for extended benefits! ProRig simply provides solutions for your heavy duty needs at a fraction of the cost. All while being covered by a warranty that is a true testament to the quality of ProRig’s brand.


Wheelco Buyer’s Guide also spotlights a great value brand, Gritline, that meets today’s rigid industry standards but at competitive prices. Gritline backs their products with a standard one-year, no-hassle warranty, making Gritline the smart solution for the complex needs of the heavy-duty industry.

You can expect many advantages of using Gritline products: affordable prices, engineered and designed for ultimate performance, rigorous quality control, maximizing business goals and reducing downtime.  Gritline truly offers business, financial and uptime opportunities, making them the smart solution if you want to gain a competitive edge.

Wheelco is the exclusive distributor of the Gritline and ProRig line of aftermarket parts for all makes, all models of trucks and trailers. Offering products and services for a wide variety of industries, Wheelco ensures they can meet the needs of their customers, regardless of make or model.

Wheelco’s Emergency Roadside Assistance

From flat tires to dead batteries and breakdowns in between, Wheelco’s Emergency Roadside Assistance is there to get you back on the road at no monthly subscription cost. Wheelco Truck & Trailer provides Emergency Roadside Assistance for drivers of broken-down light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles.

With a total of two roadside assistance trucks, an F250 and F350 have both been upfitted with emergency assistance equipment to get you take care of quickly. Mobile mechanics are ready on standby at Wheelco Truck & Trailer in Sioux Falls, SD, during the normal service center hours of Monday through Friday from 7 am until 5:30 pm. Wheelco Truck & Trailer in Mitchell, SD will also provide the Wheelco Roadside Assistance during the normal service center hours of Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.

"Mobile Mechanics On Standby and Strive To Keep Response Times Under An Hour."

Customers will be able to utilize several different roadside assistance services including the following.

Certified Mobile Mechanics

Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair common roadside issues.

Battery Jumps

When your battery fails, our mobile mechanics will perform a jump start of your battery.

Battery Replacement Delivery

A jump start may not be enough to get you running again. Our mobile mechanics will bring replacement batteries to ensure your vehicle’s powered.

De-Gelling & Freeze Ups

Winter can easily freeze up your equipment. We have what you need for you vehicles and applications to work properly in winter conditions.

Parts Replacement Services

Wheelco Roadside Assistance trucks are equipped with some of the most commonly needed parts to get you fixed on the spot.

Blown-out or Flat Tires (Mitchell, SD & Surrounding Areas)

Our roadside team will repair, change, or fill your tires on the spot to quickly get you back on the road.

Additional Roadside Services Offered

The above roadside services mentioned are just a few of the most common services we offer. If you need additional roadside assistance, we’ll do our best to help you get your vehicle up and running.

** If lockout services or towing services are needed, Wheelco has established partnerships with local businesses and will be able to make recommendations depending on the customer’s needs. 

About Wheelco Truck & Trailer

Wheelco is the truck and trailer parts distribution leader in the upper Midwest with a flagship parts store and service shop in Sioux Falls, SD. Six Wheelco locations offer extensive parts inventories and three excellent service shops, along with shipping, daily parts delivery on designated routes and emergency roadside assistance. Proud to be family owned and customer driven since 1961.