Wheelco is the truck and trailer parts distribution leader in the upper Midwest
with a flagship parts store and service shop in Sioux Falls, SD

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA: Release April 1, 2021

For Immediate Release

Celebrating their 60-Year Anniversary, Wheelco Truck & Trailer has significantly grown from the single location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, founded on April 1st, 1961 by Fay Wheeldon. Sixty years later, Wheelco now serves customers nationwide through three divisions and seven locations in the Midwest.

“Staying true to our core values and embracing change through technology and innovation, has been the foundation of our success.
Along with this, we have recruited and retained the best people in the industry and I am truly grateful for their hard work and dedication.”
- Steve Stich, President and CEO, 3rd Generation Owner

Wheelco’s Core Values

Customer Driven

Wheelco is Customer Driven plain and simple. We will meet and exceed customers’ expectations to achieve success together.


Family has been a focal point for Wheelco for 61 years. Wheelco’s family-oriented culture has been built upon the approach of mutual respect, understanding, and empathy.


Wheelco’s relentless drive to challenge the status quo allows us to develop creative problem-solving solutions to unique challenges in everything we do. We are continuously growing and challenging our team. That is why we recruit some of the best talent in the industry to push the envelope, try new things, and overcome the seemingly impossible.


Wheelco was built on integrity. Being honest, ethical, and having strong moral principles, which have been adhered in all business decisions.

1961 vs. 2021 – 60 Year Comparison

When Wheelco was founded in 1961, the world was different than it is now. Those 60-years have really changed the world from what it once was when Chatty Cathy was the most popular toy. Below are a few national averages comparing 1961 to 2021, on the 60th Anniversary of Wheelco Truck & Trailer.

Average Cost of a New House 1961 - $12,500 Vs. 2021 - $423,800
Average Cost of a New Car 1961 - $2,850 Vs. 2021 - $40,857
Cost Per Gallon of Gas 1961 - $0.27 Vs. 2021 - $2.58
1961 Dollar Valuation $1 value in 1961 + 60-Years Inflation = $8.74 value in 2021