Wheelco Manufacturing Components (WMC), a division of Wheelco Truck and Trailer, announced today that it has launched wmc.wheelco.com, a new website to better serve their customers

Wheelco Manufacturing Components (WMC) Launches New Website

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA: Release April 1st, 2019

For Immediate Release

Wheelco Manufacturing Components (WMC), a division of Wheelco Truck and Trailer, announced today that it has launched wmc.wheelco.com, a new website to better serve their customers. The new website features a streamlined design with enriched content and functionality to help visitors make well-informed decisions about manufacturing component needs and goals. The new website showcases the company’s strategic process, consumer reach, industries served, and commitment to building a successful business partnership.

"We are thrilled to debut the new WMC website to our clients, business partners, and customers who are looking for a successful partner when it comes to manufacturing components,” said Founder and CEO Steve Stich. “Our customer’s success is our success. That’s why we at Wheelco Manufacturing Components consider a great deal about your company’s visions, goals, and needs. The website is just another way we are committed to creating the best experience as possible for people who do business with us.”

In any industry, the ability to adapt to the market to meet customers’ needs is vital to running a successful business. A defined vision, clear strategy, and industry knowledge are key components as well, which is why the experts at Wheelco Manufacturing Components analyze production and assembly processes and offer strategic opportunities for success.  

Advantages with (WMC):

  • Innovative Design and Tech Support
  • Industry Expertise and Dedication
  • Reduced working capital and improved cash flow
  • Improve employee efficiencies and time management expenses
  • Access to extensive product lineup, premium parts, and brands
  • Increase production rates
  • Onsite evaluation and training opportunities
  • Customized kits to your specifications
  • Minimize stock-outs and increase production
  • Total procurement cost approach
  • Implementation of tailored lean manufacturing methodology
  • Reduce inventory management

About Wheelco Truck & Trailer

Wheelco is the truck and trailer parts distribution leader in the upper Midwest with a flagship parts store and service shop in Sioux Falls, SD. Six Wheelco locations offer extensive parts inventories and three excellent service shops, along with shipping and daily parts delivery on designated routes. Proud to be family owned and customer driven since 1961. | www.wheelco.com

Contact Dean Kruse, WMC Division Manager | d.kruse@wheelco.com