Wheelco announces ProRig, a quality brand, engineered for performance and designed for heavy duty applications

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA: Release March 23, 2020.

For Immediate Release

Wheelco announces ProRig, a quality brand, engineered for performance and designed for heavy duty applications. The first ProRig products available are part of the drivetrain collection, focusing on transmissions and differential essentials.

With the launch of the drivetrain product collection, ProRig is launching a highly competitive warranty program. The multiple coverage options allow the consumer to choose the best protection plan or to bundle them, depending on consumer needs.

“Our drivetrain essentials are just the first in an extensive portfolio of ProRig’s heavy-duty products,” said Steve Stich, CEO of Wheelco Truck and Trailer. “The warranty program we’re offering to our customers is a testament to the quality of ProRig’s brand. Customers can trust that they are purchasing a quality product.”

As with all aftermarket parts that Wheelco Truck and Trailer carries, all ProRig products meet today’s strict industry standards by undergoing a full quality control test before reaching the consumer.

“We plan to expand ProRig’s offerings with additional parts and components that are critical to your heavy-duty needs,” Stich added. “You can expect to see a comprehensive range of products that will be available to the consumer in 2020.”

No matter the customer’s needs, Wheelco is determined to provide the best solutions imaginable. Wheelco has risen to the many challenges presented and does it again by launching their ProRig brand. The ProRig brand is just one more way Wheelco is providing opportunities for success to their customers.

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