Wheelco Truck & Trailer introduces SHAFTMASTER II to Sioux Falls, SD location for drivelines of light, medium, and heavy-duty needs.

Wheelco Truck & Trailer introduces the Superior Driveline® SHAFTMASTER® II to the Service Center in Sioux Falls, SD. This new powerful drive shaft machine is capable of building and repairing drivelines for light, medium, and heavy-duty equipment needs from the 1000 series to the 1950 series Spicer®. It can build, weld, and balance your driveshaft with the utmost precision.

Shaftmaster’s powerful 3 horsepower AC motor provides the necessary torque to spin shafts at road speeds and can electronically brake the shaft at adjustable deceleration speeds. Equipped with a rugged ten-ton hydraulic ram press, the Shaftmaster provides a tight and true press fit for precision driveline alignment.

“There is nothing else like it in the industry,” said Bruce Otto, Service Center Branch Manager. “Getting your driveshafts inspected and repaired can be critical in preventing damage to expensive driveline components, roadside failures, and downtime. Often times we see that transmission and differential failures are due to drive shaft imbalance or angle problems.”

Wheelco has always provided complete driveline system services. With their professionally trained technicians, Wheelco is able to fabricate, repair, alter length and dynamically balance a wide variety of drive shaft series. Wheelco also carries premium quality materials and parts in house, ensuring fast turnaround times for repairs and installations.

Shaftmaster II Features & Benefits

  • Press, Weld, Straighten & Balance Drivelines.
  • Auto-weld drive for “factory” welds every time.
  • Ten-ton hydraulic ram press for tight and true alignment.
  • Multi-Shaft balancing capabilities available with center bearing support.
  • Electronic brake with adjustable deceleration speeds.
  • Actual road speed balancing (3300 RPM).
  • Capable of tolerances to .05 inch-once.
  • Reliable mechanical balancing mechanism assures trouble free service.
  • Electronics never need calibrations, and are never subject to drift.
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