Wheelco is a proud supporter of our military troops and their families.
We believe in giving back to those who've served our country.

It’s Our Turn To Serve

Making a difference drives Wheelco Truck and Trailer and has done so for generations whether it be directly for the customers they serve or the numerous charities and non-profit organizations within the Sioux Falls community. The family-owned company best known for their motto Customer Driven, strives to provide solutions for their customers and the community however possible and has done so since 1961. However, that was no longer enough says the owner, Steve Stich. Empowering each employee to take part in a greater cause was at the top of Wheelco’s initiatives in 2018. 

This past fall, each Wheelco employee had the opportunity to voice their opinion about what cause, nonprofit or charity they felt passionate about in supporting. Amongst the many worthy charities, there was an overwhelming response to support our military.

Many employees in the Wheelco family have either served themselves or have a loved one serving our country. From our mechanics who work on your semi truck, our drivers who deliver your parts, or our salesmen who help you in our retail stores have ties to the armed forces. With red, white and blue running deep in Wheelco’s veins, supporting the military was undisputable. 

“We believe in giving back to those who've served our country. We understand that these fine men and women may need help in the transition from military to civilian life,” says Stich.
Battle tested. Business ready.

Wyakin serves as a conduit, connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance.

For over fifty-five years, Wheelco Truck and Trailer has been serving the Sioux Falls heavy-duty community. Not only have many members of our Wheelco family served in the armed forces, but countless local companies we do business with have as well. This partnership affects more people than just the Wheelco employees. It affects the people we do business with, the community, and our families. We’re incredibly excited about supporting a cause so near and dear to our hearts.

Together, we are able to serve wounded and injured veterans by equipping them with the skills and education needed for a fulfilling civilian future with a renewed sense of purpose and identity. Because the Wyakin Foundation keeps administration costs as low as possible, the result is that 80 cents of every dollar goes to our veterans.

Wheelco Truck and Trailer is more than just another heavy-duty distributor. We’ve been putting our customers first for generations, and now we have the opportunity to empower our veterans and their families. These fine men and woman have done so much for our country, our communities, our families, it’s our time to give back. Wheelco plans to give proceeds from truck and trailer part sales, offer employee contribution, and host veteran appreciation events in the near future.

Donate to Wyakin

You too can give back to those who’ve given so much. Contribute to the Wyakin Foundation easily and safely.