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How to Increase Clutch Life

Replacing wearable parts in any clutch system is something that every truck owner encounters. At Wheelco, we recommend proper maintenance and inspections according to the manufacturer. Here are a few key takeaways you should do if clutch life is a concern: 

Don’t Ride The Clutch

This term is when you keep your pedal partially pressed down. When you do this, you pull on the release bearing and remove pressure plate load. This results in clutch slippage and wear.

Burning Your Clutch

This is a common occurrence when you’re towing heavy loads, especially if you’re pushing the limited to your engine torque range.

Use Clutch with Proper Torque Rating

Consider your engine torque rating and horsepower when choosing the proper clutch.

Signs Your Clutch System May Need Repair or Replacing

Clutch life can vary greatly, depending on the application, towing frequency, heavy hauls, stop and go traffic. However, clutch pedal behavior and clutch performance can help diagnose problems before the become dangerous to drive.

Here are some common signs and symptoms which indicate your clutch system may need attention:

  • The clutch pedal is spongy, sticking, or loose
  • Loss of clutch pedal free play.
  • Difficulty shifting gear
  • Difficulty shifting into reverse
  • Temporary acceleration loss or slipping
  • Any unusual noises when pressing clutch pedal 

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your mechanic or give one of our service technicians a call. We will be able to properly diagnose and recommend repairs and replacements you may need. Your safety is our primary concern. Driving with a failing clutch is dangerous and can leave you stranded.

Wheelco Brand Recommendations

If you are looking to repair or upgrade your drivetrain, we are ready to help you. Our experts can help you determine the parts and/or assemblies needed for your driving requirements. Simply give us a call or stop by one of our stores.