When transporting tens of thousands of pounds of weight in a semi truck, one of the most important components of that vehicle is the brakes. In heavy-duty trucks, buses and tractor trailers, the braking system consists of a compressor, air reservoir, governor, brake valve, foot pedal, brake chamber & slack adjuster. Since air is plentiful but hydraulic fluid could get lost in a leak, semi trucks rely on air-powered brakes to keep drivers and everyone else on the road safe. Learn how air brake systems function and how to troubleshoot, service and maintain air brake systems.

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Brake & Wheel End

Brake & Wheel Ends are not a collection of parts functioning independently; they are a system of interacting components. Specifically, the hub seal, hub cap, bearings, and lubricant play an important role in the overall performance of the brake & wheel end. Each component is interrelated and its performance affects the total system. Wheelco offer a range of products which includes hubs, brake drums and hub assemblies, all engineered with materials that reduce weight without sacrificing strength and durability.

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Chemicals, Oils & Lubricants

Chemicals, Oils & Lubricants all play a major part in protecting and operating your engine and making every truck more efficient. At Wheelco, we have all of the types of automotive fluid you could ever need to clean, lube and oil your heavy-duty truck. If you aren’t sure of the best way to protect your truck, find one of our locations near you and speak to an automotive expert or read on for our list of the essential fluids and maintenance tips.

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